John’s Personal Blog- October 2014

Hello My Friends,

Welcome to the new home of my personal blog, which has been transferred from to here at

Things have been VERY busy this past summer, but in so many great ways. I left the garden rest and took a road trip to the Midwest. It was wonderful. I had a chance to return to some of my favorite old places, like the Polka Festival in New Glarus, Wisconsin (a charming, small-town festival with the best local food and brew). I also met up with a dear old friend I have not talked with in 30 years! We were able to spend a day together and it was as though only a week or two had passed. My life is now richer by having that friend back in my life again.

As you may have known, I left my full-time career as an environmental scientist and decided to work for myself as a consultant. It is going very well! I am also teaching a course at the same college I began my higher education at in 1980. Things do come around again. I am encouraged by this next generation- they have a sincere passion to try and solve the big problems humanity is facing today. They also have the advantage of looking at those problems with fresh eyes.

I began writing my book about sustainable agriculture (urban and otherwise) at the beginning of 2014 and it is nearly finished. The final draft is being prepared and I am working on creating the figures. I am scheduled to release it in January 2015! There will be an e-book version and a very limited edition initial print version (the Author’s Edition). If you wish to be guaranteed a copy of the Author’s Edition of my book, send me an e-mail at to get on the list. I am not asking for payment now, I only wish to create a mailing list of people who will get the first chance to purchase it.

The weather is turning cooler here in West Palm Beach and the garden is thriving. Check out my new “What’s New In The Garden” pages, which can be accessed through the link on the left-hand side of this page. We are going to get a little chilly this week (well, for here anyway) and I am hoping to have my first night-time fire in the fire pit on my prairie garden patio. I love spending time looking at the stars by the fire. It also lets me enjoy the garden in a whole new way.

Well, I’m going to run for now. I hope you are well! Take care and we will chat again soon.

Dr. Z

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