My Vegetable Beds

Welcome to my vegetable beds!

The beds are the main vegetable producers, especially during the most prime growing months. I have more than 900 square feet of vegetable beds. These are regularly fed with compost from my compost bin and mulch obtained from the county landfill. They pick up tree and shrub clippings in front of houses in the community, chip it, make it into a fine quality mulch, then offer it free to residents. My native soil type is pure sand- nutrient poor and dry. Perhaps one of the most difficult soils to grow in, constantly needing amendments to enrich it enough to grow well.


For those of us who live below the 27th Latitude (subtropical and tropical climate zones), the growing season is not easily defined. Technically, it is all year. From the viewpoint of most “northern vegetables” (lettuce, cabbage, carrots, etc.) the growing season is from October to March, more or less. If conditions are mild (not too hot and dry), then you might squeeze another month or two in. The other months are best for tropical vegetables- things like yams, sweet potatoes, jicama, yuca and peanuts.

To see pictures of what I grew throughout the year, click on links in the “Archives” section at the lower-left of this page.


I grow a wide variety of vegetables. Over the years, I have planted more than 100 types of vegetables and have been successful with most of them. During season, the selection of fresh vegetables from my garden usually exceeds that of the best grocery stores in the area!

Below is a map of my backyard gardens; to see a larger version, click on the map.


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