What’s New in my Garden: March 2015

The garden is beginning to be stressed from the increasingly stronger sun and longer, drier days. March is usually the last good month of our growing season and the longer-season vegetables are now being harvested. Below are some pictures of what I have been growing and harvesting during the past month.

First, the window boxes on the back wall of my house. These are producing a wide variety of greens including spinach, endive, turnip greens, leaf lettuces, calalu, and more!



The picture below shows a close up of some of the greens.


Below are some of the window boxes that contain herbs. These have 4 different varieties of basil: Italian, Holy Thai, Purple and Lemon


These window boxes are growing Swiss chard, bok choi and micro greens.


Below is a picture of my collard plants. They love this weather!


These are radicchio, which are beginning to form heads and will be ready for harvest in a few weeks.


I am growing pole beans up on an old ladder.


This is what one of my garden beds looks like- pole beans growing up on bamboo poles with flowers between them, Asian mustard greens and kohlrabi.

Here is a kohlrabi that is ready to eat. Both the leaves and bulb are delicious.



Well, that is what things looked like in March! Check back in April for another update.

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