The Wonder of Autumn

The gentle turning of time’s cycles ushers in each season in a seamless and undramatic fashion. But, there is no season that is more tranquil, soothing and sublimely beautiful than autumn. Summer’s heat wanes and is replaced by a delicate coolness in the air that nourishes a soul weary from the sun’s oppressive intensity. The garishness and gregariousness of summer has been muted and a more humble and introspective season now takes stage.

The characteristics of summer and winter lie in their extremes of temperature and ferocity of storms. They make us sweat and shiver and close ourselves up in our homes, cut off from the outside. Autumn exudes moderation and quietness, and calls for us to come out into the world to play and embrace the life around us. Shows of painted trees, the dance of dry leaves in playful circles, the freshness in the air’s touch and scent, and the dazzling night sky…these are the hallmarks of this most wonderful time of the year.

So much as been written about this season! Effusive poetry and concertos pay homage to the moods evoked by the sweetness of the autumn season. Although this season is usually associated with harvest and bounty, it is also about restful enjoyment and appreciation…for breaking the ceaseless flow of work and recognizing what has been produced…for appreciating the bounty that we have been able to create with our hands and celebrating the completion of another season in our lives. This is the sentiment behind autumn, it is a time when nature draws her summer work to a close, surveys all that has been done, breathes a sigh of contentment, and then rests.

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