John’s Personal Blog- March 2015

Hello My Friends!


March has come in like a lion! The vernal (spring) equinox is almost here and you can feel the change in the air as the season begins to tilt towards the warmth of summer. I was out for walk the other day and noticed that the air’s winter chill has begun to fade. This made me a little sad because I prefer cooler weather to hot weather. But it also reminded me how very important it is to enjoy the season you are in because soon it will subside into the past.

Where I am from, people are constantly lamenting the shortness of the seasons. For instance, during the brilliantly beautiful days of autumn, everyone is counting the number of days until the worst of winter will be upon them. At the Christmas holidays (and the onset of winter), people are talking about how the days have begun to get longer and spring will soon be arriving. During the tranquilizing, balmy days of late June, the talk is focused is on the fact that summer will be over in a short ten weeks. It is hard to keep your eyes on the beauty of today when there is so much concern about the fact it will change.

But, the fact that today’s beauty does not last forever is the very same reason that it should be enjoyed more intensely. More often than not, we are unable or have lost the ability to take our eyes away from the future, away from life’s distractions, and see the things around us that are truly wonderful. This is unfortunate, because each season has a wealth of beautiful days to give us, if we will only see them for what they are.

Enjoy your March and let’s chat again next month! All the best to you,

Dr. Z

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