Cooking with Fresh Vegetables!

It has been a long time,

Dear Heart and I am thrilled to have moved up to a world wide audience! This is my little blog and question and answer corner of the internet, and here we can chat about home keeping, proper entertaining, cooking and well, life. I adore gardens, Hon, but I will leave growing up to the experts. Once those luscious vegetables come out of the garden, then I step in. If you have any questions about preparing and cooking those fresh vegetables, please do let me know. I will answer the best questions in this column.

For my first column, Dear Heart, I want to talk with you about cooking fresh vegetables. I don’t mean the week-oldproduce from the stores, Hon, I mean the produce from your backyard. They just don’t cook or taste the same way. Fresh vegetables cook much faster than those from the grocery store, so cooking time is shorter. Steam root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, etc.), string beans and broccoli for only a few minutes if you like them al dente. Try not to boil them, Hon, they will lose some of their delicate and wonderful flavors. Your fresh vegetables will also be stunning when roasted. Simply toss them unpeeled with a little coarse salt and one or two tablespoons of grape seed, canola or olive oil. I prefer grape seed oil because it tolerates the high temperatures of roasting without burning. Olive oil is good, but the flavor it adds is a personal preference. Please remember to pierce whole potatoes with a fork or knife before cooking. Spread oiled and seasoned vegetables on a pan and roast in a hot oven (at least 400 degrees) or grill them until they are done. Serve immediately, Dear Heart. Their natural fresh flavor will shine.

It is a beautiful day and I am off to go shopping, Hon, wish me luck! I’ll tell you all about it next time we chat. As always, Kisses!

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