What’s New in my Garden: February 2015

Hello Fellow Gardeners and Want-To-Be-Gardeners!


The garden is flourishing and I have the pictures to prove it! Take a photographic journey below:

IMAG0931IMAG0923Left Picture: radicchio (right) next to napa cabbage (left). Right Picture: fennel








Left: container garden on the back wall of my house with lettuces and greens. Below: tomato plants loaded with tomatoes!








BELOW: Far Left: carrots, L. Center: nailon, R. Center: collards, Far Right: kale

IMAG0924IMAG0925       IMAG0927      IMAG0914


IMAG0929 IMAG0926

Above Left: red pototes; Above Right: kohlrabi

IMAG0928 IMAG0930 IMAG0913

Above Left: green (pole) beans, Above Center: green cabbage, Above Right: bok choi

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