What’s New in my Garden: December 2014

Hello from my backyard food garden!


The vegetables are growing well in spite of the abnormally dry weather we have had over the past six weeks. I harvested my first plantings of beans and replanted the space with nailon (an Asian green), green stem bok choi, white stem bok choi, spicy Asian mustard greens and kohlrabi. These are growing with the carrots, red potatoes, snap peas and broccoli that are further along. Below are some pictures of other things I am growing now.

Below left- green cabbage. Below right- nailon.







Below left- cauliflower. Below right- Roma (plum) tomatoes. Below center- napa cabbage.














I have been harvesting a number of vegetables from the garden over the past month. These include turnips, turnip greens, kale, daikon and beans. Below are pictures of some other things I am harvesting now.

Below left- fennel leaves for flavoring. Below right- peppers. Below center- turnips with greens.














How is your garden growing? There is still time to plant and harvest before the summer heat arrives later this spring. If you wish to know what can be planted now, check out my seed information under the General Store link above.

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