Environmental Sustainability Analysis and Assessment

21st Century Sustainability Consulting, LLC

Concerns about environmental sustainability are growing as human population and development continue to expand. Although natural lands are being set aside for protection and environmental restoration projects seek to replace lost ecological goods and services, the ability of these lands to thrive for generations to come is always a concern for land managers. Because of this, monitoring and assessment of these lands is necessary to:
–gage the success of restoration efforts to verify if restoration targets have been met or will continue to be met into the future
–monitor protected and restored lands for ecological changes to determine if the site is ecologically stable or if it is changing to something that is not a natural condition
–identify threats to the natural community, such the the proliferation of invasive species

21st Century Sustainability Consulting, LLC offers a range of environmental monitoring and assessment tools to answer some of the questions land managers typically want to know. These tools can be field based (e.g., vegetation surveys) or office-based (e.g. aerial photo analysis). Services that are available to the client include:
–Environmental mapping of existing or past conditions at the site
–Time-series analysis of landscape or vegetation changes at the site using aerial photo interpretation of historic images or other field-based data sets
–Monitoring environmental response to hydrologic change, pollution or landscape alteration
–Ecological modeling, if sufficient environmental monitoring and natural community data are available to support it; conceptual models characterize the environmental drivers, stressors and effects that “run” an ecological community; mathematical models quantitatively describe relationships between environmental drivers and predict an ecological outcome under a given set of conditions

Ecological monitoring conducted by Dr. Zahina-Ramos in the Loxahatchee Slough

GIS-based wetland vegetation mapping using digital image analysis and unsupervised classification methods conducted by Dr. Zahina-Ramos for the Kissimmee River Restoration Project

Conceptual ecological model developed by Dr. Zahina-Ramos for a southern wetland