Services Offered by 21C Sustainability Consulting, LLC

OFFERING a range of services 


Environmental mapping and time-series analysis
Environmental response to hydrologic change, pollution or landscape alteration
Ecological modeling

Agricultural sustainability assessments and agroecology consulting
Foodshed analyses
Design of sustainable food growing systems

Literature reviews
Technical documentation
Litigation support
Peer review of proposals and reports
Environmental monitoring and assessment
Digital image analysis


Who can benefit from our services?

Government entities who are involved in natural resource protection or restoration
–Municipal, county, state and federal land management activities
–Land, ecological or water resources management
–Protection or restoration of environmental goods and services

Landowners who wish to protect their land’s ecological resources
–Private landowners who wish to protect their land’s resources for future generations
–Protection or restoration of environmental goods and services

Food growing operations that wish to improve their sustainability value
–Small to medium-scale agribusinesses
–Community Supported Agricultural Operations (CSAs)
–Organic farms
–Community gardens
–Urban residential home gardeners

Government leaders or non-governmental organizations who are establishing urban or suburban agricultural initiatives
–Proposal review for potential payback
–Foodshed description and analysis

What services do we NOT provide and WHY?

Environmental permitting
–There are many other firms that provide this service as their primary focus of operations. You will best be served by them.

Wetland delineation
–Again, there are many firms that provide wetland delineations as their primary focus of operations; these delineations are usually for the purpose of site development. The focus of 21st Century Sustainability Consulting, LLC is to document the condition (some may use the term “health”), history and landscape context of a site. This information is not usually available from firms that conduct wetland delineations and is used for different purposes, such as preservation or restoration.

Hydrological modeling/environmental engineering
–21st Century Sustainability Consulting, LLC does not provide hydrological modeling or environmental engineering services. However, we are experts at analyzing hydrologic model output for environmental (particularly, wetlands) impacts. As such, we can offer an experienced and expert ecological examination of model output to identify potential environmental impacts that may result from a modeled scenario. That service is not always reliably available from hydrologic modelers or engineers.