Coming 2017: Dr. Z’s Book on Quantifying the Benefits of Urban Agriculture

In 2017, Dr. Z is scheduled to release his second book about the benefits of urban agriculture. His first book, entitled “Just One Backyard: One Man’s Search for Food Sustainability” was written for the average reader. This second book is being written for academia, for those who have urban food growing operations¬†and for courses on urban agriculture.

This new book, which is entitled “Measuring Food Sustainability and the Benefits of Urban Agriculture”, will present a suite of methods that can be used to directly and indirectly measure the environmental, ecological and economic benefits of urban agriculture. The book will also demonstrate how these methods can be employed by presenting the results from a 5-year food growing study conducted in a residential food garden. The results of this research are ground-breaking in the way they comprehensively document the broad array of benefits realized by growing food in the places where demand is the greatest- in our metropolitan areas.

In concert with the release of this book, Dr. Z will also release all of the raw data from his landmark study for others to review and analyze.

To learn more about this book and to be notified of its release, send an email to:


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